Divorce Coaching

When divorce becomes inevitable there are so many strong emotions that you might feel. First and foremost is grief over the loss of the dream you had for yourself and your family. Additionally there is the potential loss to lifestyle elements including financial disruption, disruption to your social circle and your extended family. Finally, if there are children involved, there is concern and worry about how the divorce will affect them.

I have lived experience with divorce and understands first hand how disruptive it can be. But I also knows how one can thrive and grow through the experience!  I  am the mother of three grown daughters and two grown step-children, all of whom have survived and thrived in the face of their parents’ divorces and remarriages. Besides this lived experience, I continues to educate myself on best practices involving divorce and divorce co-parenting.  I am a member of the Collaborative Family Law Group in San Diego and provides services either as a Divorce Coach or as a Child Specialist.

As a Divorce Coach, I work with one of the divorcing individuals to assist them in managing their strong emotions as they work towards a respectful dissolution of their marriage. I collaborate with the other professionals involved to work together towards a divorce agreement that meets the needs of all parties.

As a Child Specialist, I consult with all parties, including the children themselves, to address the specific and needs and desires of all family members. I help devise a parenting plan that takes all factors into consideration including, but not limited to, children with special needs, academic factors, ages and developmental stages, housing and medical issues and the work schedules of the parents.